Construction by the Numbers

Welcome to the first episode of “Construction by the Numbers” hosted by Suffolk’s Vice President of Strategy Nicole Mills. In these bi-monthly reports, Nicole will provide updates on what’s happening with the economy and insights into how those updates are affecting the construction industry. Click below to learn more!

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  1. Libby McCrann

    This is so WELL done! So much valuable information here. Awesome job guys!

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  2. Travis Wood

    Appreciate the information. Quick question, will these be a more general discussion of the country as a whole or will there be emphasis on different regions at times?

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  3. suffolkconstruction

    These episodes will vary depending on what is affecting the industry the most at the time, but will tend to give more national information. However, the Strategy department’s quarterly updates that you can subscribe to will include more region-specific information such as regional demographics, supply demand dynamics by sector, and labor and materials pricing. Thanks for asking!


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