Green like Fenway Park: Viridian Boston sustainable stats

Designed to achieve LEED® Gold in one of the most walk-able and transit-orientated neighborhoods in the city, Viridian Boston will be nearly as green as the grass it overlooks in Fenway Park.

The Viridian features Agrob Buchtal’s Keratwin K20 Engineered Terracotta Façade System, which insulates a building much better than brick and has tiles that rarely have to be replaced. Adding an HT coating to the tiles can also introduce an air-purifying property that breaks down pollution.

“It’s a bit like having a little forest around your building,” said Dave Traino, a sales consultant at CB Products, Buchtal’s U.S. rep. “For every 10,000 square feet on the building it’s like having 60 or 70 trees around it providing fresher air.”

So in honor of Earth Week, here are the most sustainable attributes of Viridian Boston by the numbers:


Shower/changing room for employees who bike or jog to work instead of driving


Charging stations for electric cars


Percent of projected reduction in actual energy usage compared to a building built with required energy standards


Percent of reduction in post-development site runoff


Percent of reduction in water use due to ultra low-flow faucets, toilets and showerheads


Roughly the percent of construction waste recycled or otherwise diverted from landfills


Bike spaces in the underground garage in addition to a dozen bike racks outside the building on Boylston Street

Source: Bruner/Cott & Associates LEED & Sustainable Design Consultant Erica Downs

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