Construction by the Numbers

Welcome to the second episode of “Construction by the Numbers” hosted by Suffolk’s Vice President of Strategy Nicole Mills. In these reports, Nicole provides updates on what’s happening with the economy and insights into how those updates are affecting the construction industry. Click below to learn more!

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  1. Min Zavarella

    Excellent…topic and presentation both!


    • Kerry (Mike) Kluesner

      Great presentation !


  2. Richard Burnham

    This presentation was obviously the result of thorough research; it was also Insightful, well-organized, and presented in understandable language – Thank you Suffolk Construction, and thank you Nicole.


  3. Nicole Mills

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Please let me know if there are future topics of interest. See you next quarter. Cheers!


  4. Ron Burgundy

    Great work Nicole! There is always a place for you on the Channel 4 News Team… You stay Classy!


  5. Tyler Murphy

    I almost lost my head when one of those cards was thrown but I thought that was a great presentation. Suffolk should be doing more of these.


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