Watch: Floating city shaped like Manta Ray

Semester at Sea has a whole new meaning thanks to Jacques Rougerie.

The utopian French architect recently proposed a 3,000-foot-long floating city shaped like a Manta Ray that would serve as an international oceanographic university to study marine biodiversity. The City of Meriens would not only hold 7,000 students, researches and professors, it would do so with zero net energy consumption.   

Click here to watch the video of Meriens.

It’s not so wild to think that this radical design will serve as the catalyst for the floating residences and cruise ships of the future.

“Regarding the world of water vessel design, the City of Meriens will hopefully inspire designs that place the man in complete harmony with the sea,” Rougerie told

Click here to check out Autodesk’s Meriens model on Fusion 360, the software company’s next-gen 3D CAD/CAM.