World Building of the Year integrates urban and natural environments

Seamlessly integrating urbanity with natural vegetation, the freshly anointed World Building of the Year 2015 could forever change the way we design and build buildings. The Interlace (pictured above), just beat 338 other entries to take top prize at the annual World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

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Designed by German architecture firms OMA and Buro Ole Scheeren to fly in the face of vertical apartment tower construction, The Interlace features 31 apartment blocks stacked across one another at various angles to form a massive hexagonal-shaped complex in the southern part of Singapore. The mega-complex’s innovative design maximizes light and air flow to each of the 1,040 units. Featuring eight distinct courtyards as well as roof gardens, the building’s open layout increases social interaction among tenants.

“It gives you a horizontal city with the interleaving of space and vegetation,” Professor Sir Peter Cook, who was among the competition judges told CNN“It’s a game-changer…something you’ll remember and go, that was when somebody first did that thing, of these blocks in the sky, with gardens on them.”


The property’s website notes that the building’s design also incorporates sustainable features, “through careful environmental analysis of sun, wind and micro-climate conditions on site and the integration of low-impact passive energy strategies. Water bodies have been strategically placed within wind corridors as a means of allowing evaporative cooling to happen along the wind paths, reducing local air temperatures and improving thermal comfort in outdoor recreation space.”

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World Architecture Festival unveils finalists

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